Diamond Tyres Ltd.

Why keeping a heavy inventory at your warehouse when you can enjoy Just-in-Time Delivery Service of Diamond Tyres Limited!

For the first time in Pakistan, Diamond Tyres Limited is introducing JIT (Just-in-Time) deliveries for tyres and tubes for motorcycle OEMs. You can benefit from this facility on daily, weekly or fortnightly basis. In addition to it you can:

1. Empty your warehouse and obtain more space
2. Save inventory carrying cost and get pleasure from more funds
3. Avail convenience of issuing delivery schedules once a month and go on vacation
4. Get trouble-free and hassle-free deliveries at your convenient day and time
5. Avoid massive deliveries and engaged labor
6. Well managed FIFO system for your Stores Department
7. Keep zero guard for stock of tyres and tubes
8. Avoid overdue payments
9. Avoid waiting 96 to 120 hours for deliveries to reach

The warehouse is located in the strategic location of S.I.T.E., Karachi coupled with a very professional team of transporters to ensure meeting your deadlines. Book your orders and start getting benefits from today!

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