Diamond group of Industries


The name of M/S Hashir Export Limited was changed to Diamond Tyres Limited vide SECP Certificate of Incorporation on change of name # ARL/4936 dated 30/08/2007 and Certificate of Incorporation of Hashir Export Ltd., NO. JRL/6453 dated 21/09/2004. The objects for establishing Diamond Tyres Limited is to set up an industrial undertaking at 3-K.M. Manga Raiwind Road (Manga Mandi), Lahore for the manufacturing of all types and sizes of tyres of motor bikes, bicycles, trucks, buses, tractors, bulldozers, motor cars, vans and all types of other rubber products. Authorised Capital of Diamond Tyres Ltd., is Rs. 375 Million and Paid-up Capital is Rs. 300 Million.

Following plants are installed at the factory premises and their production is at full swing:
>   Motorcycle Tyre & Tube Plant
>   Bicycle Tyre plant
>   Bicycle Tube Plant
>   Rickshaw Tyres
>   Rubber Bands
Our industry is based on more than 90% of imported raw materials, we foresee an import business of over Rs 150.000 million and sales of over Rs. 230.000 million per annum.

Motor Cycle Tyres & Tubes And Rickshaw Tyres:

The main products of the company is manufacturing of Motor Cycles & Tubes and Rickshaw Tyres which are made with high technology. Famous brands of motor cycle are Extreme, Altis, Thunder and Dhoom etc.

Bicycle Tyre and Tube Plants:

The Bicycle Tyre and Tube plants have been imported from China and Taiwan. These plants are installed to produce Tyres & Tubes of various sizes, which are used in Bicycles. This is a multiple usage product and has achieved a remarkable acceptance from the consumer/industrial market. The production capacity of plant is 2496000 Tyres and 4680000 Tubes per annum with expected sale Rs 240 million per annum. . The utilized capacity of the plant is 65%. These plants have been imported from China and Taiwan. These plants consist of different kinds of machines with following detail.

Mixing Mills
Fabric Calendar
Tyre Building Machines
Tyre Testing Machines
Tubes splicing Machines
Bias Cutter
Laboratory Equipments

The Six Ply Tyres and Moulded Jointless Tubes is a very new and innovative idea in the Tyre industry and it is a new comfortable system which is specially produced with advance technology. This company is producing various brands which are known as Diamond six and four ply tyres. The raw material used in Tyres and Tubes is imported from China, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

The Plants have production capacity of 2,496,000 Tyres and 4,680,000 Tubes per annum with sale forecast of Rs. 230 M. The utilized capacity of the plant is 65%.


Diamond Tyres Limited consists of very professional, dedicated and experienced personnel and management having a track record of successes in the implementation and operation of a number of projects. Their innovative and constructive ideas help the organization to track on the new projects and new products.


There are great opportunities for the organization to capture the market. Due to some innovative products like Tyres & Tubes, Rubber sheets, Foot Mats, Rubber Bands and many more the company can capture target market all across the Pakistan. Having very strong dealer network and highly professional sale and marketing staff the sale of the company is increasing gradually.


In Tyres & Tubes, Service Tyres and Mian Tyres are our competitor but now we have some competitive edge as we are enhancing our capacity of Bicycle Tyre & Tube by importing some machinery with advance technology and also considering importing the whole plant of Motorcycle Tyre with all basic parts

We are in the production of Bicycle Tyres & Tubes and Motorcycle Tubes. Our Tyres & Tubes is made by advanced equipment imported from China & Taiwan covered with fine hard Rubber compound material. The series contains grades some of them mentioned below.

Diamond Hero
Diamond Irani

Diamond Tyres Limited is manufacturing the best quality of six ply Tyres with the brand name Hero & Irani and using the world No. 1 Rubber, Bead wire and Tyre Cord Fabric mainly imported from China, India, Sri Lanka and many other countries .Rubber used in the Tyre is of very high quality.

In manufacturing process production experts of the company do emphasis on quality by using high quality Rubber and high class Tack laboratory equipments and during manufacturing process Tyres & Tubes are strictly checked by quality department..